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about Poko

Poko is the most comfortable eco-friendly shopping bag that has ever been made. Weighing in at 10g, Poko is the lightweight champion but it is also reusable for hundreds of times and machine washable so you can use it to carry all sorts of fruits and vegetables. The best part about Poko is that it is never left behind when going shopping because it goes inside a stylish key-holder that easily fits in the pocket. With Poko you can avoid taxes due to regulations on plastic bags and save yourself a considerable amount of money from hidden costs. Furthermore, you reduce plastic pollution by up to 90%, carbon emissions by ~70% and prevent many animal deaths due to plastic bags.

Why Choose Poko?

We understand how annoying shopping bags can be and have made the most convenient solution!

All poko shopping bags are made using fabric leftovers and manufactured locally in Estonia!

Lightweight &

Poko shopping bag weighs ~12 grams and withstands carrying heavy clothing irons!


Poko shopping bag can be washed repeatedly at 40C while still maintaining its durable properties!


Poko will carry your shopping and hold your keys but it can do a whole lot more! Check our instagram below for inspiration.


We have made Poko unique and stylish so that it would look good besides your keys or even when carrying muddy potatoes!

Care &

Poko will help you take care of the environment, reduce consumption, and support student led business!

Take care of the environment

Have a look at our informative video about the plastic bag pollution problem

This video was done for the competition Negavatt held by EIC in 2017

Our team

Poko began as an undergraduate student project to improve plastic pollution. Our team has evolved alongside Poko and the members have moved on to Masters or Doctorate studies in Tartu and the United Kingdom. We maintain our passion about the environment that unites across our diverse educational background of geography, biology,, genetic engineering and particle physics. Our team has been awarded 3rd place in the energy and -resource savings contest “Negavatt“ and a Ecoinnovation prize from the competition “Kaleidoskoop“.
Kadi Sagor


Maria Kolk

Production & Design

Kristina Kasvandik

Marketing & Communications

Raul R. Stein

Tech Support

Poko in Media

Walk down memory lane with some of the media publications of Poko raising awareness for plastic pollution!

Poko on Vikerradio with the wonderful project manager of Negavatt talking about the contest and what Poko has been up to so far! Click here to listen.

Once or twice on TV

Estonian television has invited members of Poko to talk about their idea and raise awareness of plastic pollution on shows Osoon and Terevisioon! Click here and skip to 22:15 to watch the Poko on Osoon. 

Tartu Postimees published an article introducing Poko and how we are planning to reduce plastic pollution! Click here to read more.


Keda kotib keskkonnareostus? Tudengiettevõte Pokot.

Tartu University Newsletter. Students of Tartu University are trying to free the environment from plastic bags and are filling their first orders after recently coming 3rd in the energy & resource savings contest Negavatt! A spontaneous idea has quickly become tangible. Click here to read more.  


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